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Services Of Nhan Kiet (English)

Employment services; head hunting services

Employment services; head hunting services

Nhan Kiet Co., LTD providing head hunting services by identifying rare candidates and attracting them to your business.

We employ an innovative and transparent process on every headhunting assignment undertaken to ensure exceptional results. This process works effectively in every position

Receive order from client(Job description, requirement, salary range

Search, Selection:

+ Internal

+ External

+ Media chenels

Interview and compatibility assessment:

+ CV information and cross reference

Send sort listed CVs to client

No suitable locate, assess reason and revise requirements and/or strategy

Arrange interview schedule and discussion with both parties (Client and application)

reference check and assist employment negotiate for final offer

Client transfer payment to Nhan Kiet

Assess reason for valid employment termination and revise requirements and/or strategy

none completion of 60 days employment guarantee

Nhan Kiet’s position obligation will be fifted upon 60 days employment guarantee


Other Services of Nhan Kiet Co., LTD

Staffing services, Labor subleasing services;

Outsourcing services;

Supplying seasonal and temporary workers;

Labor legalizing services;

Load and unloading services;

Packaging services;

Sanitation and cleaning services;

Payroll services;

Employment services; head hunting services.


Freelance Legalizing Services.