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Sanitation And Cleanning Services

Sanitation And Cleanning Services

You want your office are clean. Your employees and customers deserve clean, sanitized restrooms. Your restroom is as much a part of your company as your conference room, sales area or dining room. Nhan Kiet Co., LTD is dedicated to helping businesses just like yours maximize return business and efficient restroom cleaning can help!

Features And Benefits

·      Daily Maintenance is Easier – We will be able to maintain day-to-day cleanliness in one-third of the time

·      Sanitizes Surfaces – Uses a chemical that is formulated to clean restroom surfaces while leaving a clean, pleasant scent

·      High-Pressure Cleaning – Removes build-up that brushes can’t reach, and eliminates the need to touch contaminated surfaces

·      Removes Soil and Bacteria – Our process removes all soil and dirty water, preventing cross-contamination and odor-causing bacteria

Reduces Equipment Needs – Eliminates your need to stock auto scrubbers, dry vacuums, wet vacuums, pressure washers, grout cleaning machines, janitor carts, etc

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