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Packaging Services

Packaging Services

Packaging Services is an important part of the product that you will bring to the market, The label not only primary function which product packaging but also the role of communication products and the characteristics of the brand. Understand this, when supply Packaging Services, Nhan Kiet Co., Ltd. always pay attention to the work process to prevent any erro caused in the line..


Packaging Services are a part of outsourcing services, service charges are calculated on the number of products packaged and warehoused by the standards of your company.



Packaging Services are made in the factory of your company, so you can control the progress, product quality.


Other Services of Nhan Kiet Co., LTD

Staffing services, Labor subleasing services;

Outsourcing services;

Supplying seasonal and temporary workers;

Labor legalizing services;

Load and unloading services;

Packaging services;

Sanitation and cleaning services;

Payroll services;

Employment services; head hunting services.

Freelance Legalizing Services.